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Get to know Spirulina’s properties!

Powerful natural anti-inflammatory

Scientifically proven with anti Cox 2 effect, natural, anti-arthritic with no side effects or contraindications

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Increases Muscle Mass

Due to its high protein content 64g/100g, Spirulina has all the essential amino acids that are needed for your animal to build muscle.

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Stimulates the Inmune System

Scientifically proven to boost the T-lymphocytes, Spirulina is an outstanding powerful immune stimulant for your animals.

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Improves Health and Performance

Because of its composition and proven therapeutic properties, it is considered a Super Food.

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Naturally Made

100% Micro Algae

(Arthrospira Platensis)

Grown in non-polluted environments, guaranteed to be free from pesticides, toxins, herbicides, insecticides and heavy metals. Not genetically modified.


Guaranteed low temperature drying preserving all nutrients and properties. These traditional methods mark the difference between spirulina like Equiphyt’s with the highest quality and minimum loss of active ingredients and those industrially processed.


Our products are packed in containers suitable for food packaging, sealed and isolated from the light, essential qualities needed to preserve and protect the product’s properties. Standard quantities are 250g and 1kg. Other Quantities can be supplied upon request and with prior notice.


All our supplements are made with the highest quality Spirulina and under highly qualified professional supervision, ensuring maximum effectiveness of our food products for performance horses and working dogs.