Equiphyt Sport

Equiphyt Sport.-Complemento alimenticio para Caballos


Greatly improves muscle mass, due to its amino acid content (includes all essentials). Anti-anemic and detoxifying due to its high assimilable Iron level. Anti-inflammatory and powerful antioxidant free radical scavenger (Phycocyanin, GLA and SOD). Reduces the production of lactic acid, therefore, improving performance. Stimulates the immune system. Nerve tonic, contains Tryptophan, and relieves anxiety. Promotes tissue repair. Liver protective and kidney detoxifying. Effective against seasonal allergies and breathing problems. Can help counteract ulcers caused by lack of grazing. Restorative. Helps in metabolic syndrome, improving insulin resistance. Because of its high pigment content (chlorophyll, beta carotene and Phycocyanin) it improves the color and pigmentation of the coat.

A great physiologic optimizer!


Equiphyt - Información Nutricional Spirulina